It is human nature to strive to find meaning and purpose in our lives and to strive to improve ourselves. Innovation is the thought or action which allows new thoughts or things to evolve beyond our current standards and hence produces those very improvements we strive for.

Innovation within corporations not only creates new products, but it can produce greater efficiencies in business processes, new ways of empowering and rewarding individuals, new ways of enhancing customer service and new ways to enhance  environmental and social responsibility.

Technology continues to evolve in exciting ways:  products are faster, lighter, cheaper, smaller and provide infinitely more useful applications. Technological innovation provides new health, transport, communication and other technologies which immeasurably enhance our lives.

Innovation in societies can lead to a fundamental shift in values resulting in significant benefits on a global scale. The GFC has caused a significant number of individuals to evaluate their contribution to society and this is creating very substantial benefits within their own communities and for under-privileged societies on every continent.

Innovation by definition is something new and not all new ideas will be successful, hence innovation can be stymied by fear of change or fear of failure. Corporations and societies should encourage innovation and develop a tolerance for change, a tolerance for risk taking and a tolerance for a degree of failure.

Our striving for improvement in our personal lives and within our societies depends implicitly on our ability to re-create, re-invent, innovate.

I am re-inventing my life and will strive for innovation in everything I do.


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