Posted by: millumino | November 15, 2009

A love for life

I returned form a fabulous bike ride today feeling fit, healthy, inspired and full of joy.

When you start the work day full of  vitality you feel like skipping around the office for the rest of the day, inspiring vitality and fun in every person you have contact with.  No perceived disaster can upset your equanimity and all obstacles to achievement just melt away. Active, healthy, vital, fun loving workers are mentally alert, engaged and productive.  They are also usually self-disciplined and able to focus without distraction from  niggly or debilitating health issues.

I loved all physical things when I was in school and in my early 20’s. Athletics, tennis, netball, swimming, horse riding, ballet, whatever was going I joined in enthusiastically. I was flexible, toned, fit and healthy.  I also remember there were no fat kids.  None!  We all loved  the great outdoors and were never still except when we slept.

I’ve had this conversation with other people my age lately: “remember when there were no fat kids?”  Yes,  everyone can remember, we were all fit kids!

Now its hard to  find the fit kids, and its hard to remember  when that happened. Its also getting harder to find  people my age  who don’t accept that it is OK to be overweight and unfit.  This state is not an inevitability of middle age. It is an inevitability of losing the joy and love for life.

Most of these people would suggest  that they are happy and exuberant, they love good food but they don’t have time for exercise.  I would suggest that there is something important missing in their lives. Perhaps some ingredient of dissatisfaction with their life choices, or circumstances, sub-consciously allows them to disrespect  themselves and their bodies. They are not just filling the void with food, they don’t have enough esteem to care about their health and fitness and appearance.

How do I know this?  Because for a brief time I allowed myself to do this.  I ate too much of the wrong food, I lost the joy of exercise, and dragged myself through the day not caring what I looked like.  Instead of admitting I was not disciplined enough to get out of bed an hour earlier, I used the familiar lame excuse that I didn’t have time to exercise.

When I realised what I had done to myself, I examined the reasons why I might have done this and set about making changes.  I re-introduced exercise back into my life,  and discovered not only did I enjoy it, it made me feel great.  Once you re-discover the joy and inner teenager you suddenly discover that there is more than enough time to add exercise  to your day.  I get up early and spend about an hour on my bike, the joy of the wind on my face and the exhilaration of going top speed down a hill is  unsurpassed.  The slow steady climb back up is  time to reflect on life and enjoy the sheer power being generated by leg muscles through the pedals.

Apparently women my age have all manner of health problems, loss of sexual drive and a feeling of depletion.  To the contrary, I am happier, healthier and fitter  than I have ever been in my life.  I am the tiny girl I used to be, full of enthusiasm, self-respect and esteem and knowing that I can move mountains in my personal and business life.

I realise how very lucky I am that good genes and an accident of birth in the right place at the right time has provided a life of privilege.   I am now embarking on  a new social enterprise to inspire health, literacy, hope and economic development in the least privileged communities.

Fitness generates  post-menopausal zest, vitality,  joy and love for life.

Get fit, get fit!  Whether you are 10 or 100 you won’t regret it for a minute!


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