Posted by: millumino | October 9, 2009

Digital Media as Catalyst for Transformation

One of my goals is to add value in all of M’illumino’s interactions and transactions with employees and customers, and citizens of societies on which we might impact.  M’illumino will be a company which uses leading edge technology to communicate as deeply and widely as possible to transform world views from a  focus on greed vs poverty and terrorism vs peace,  to a common understanding  that the future of  society is dependant on  engaging morality and recognising that  health, wealth and peace is achievable for all.

Societies, corporations and individuals  do not operate in vacuums.  Corporations are not  exempt from moral responsibility to add value in all their interactions with individuals and societies. By acting responsibly corporations receive the side benefits  of enhancing their markets, fulfilling customer expectations and enhancing human resource productivity and retention. Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp, is often reviled for greed and corporate bullying however my goals and thoughts coalesce with those of Rupert Murdoch regarding the ability of technology to transform lives and the responsibility corporations have to add social benefit.

I agree that digital communication creates “a new source of wealth, material and social,” in all corners of the globe. In an address to the media in Beijing Rupert says “It is a mechanism by which people can transform their lives, to improve the education of their children, to reform health care, to access news and information… “. Further, digital communication technology is “a canvas for the talents and aspirations and potential of a person and place.” My sentiments exactly.

As knowledge  replaces ignorance we will see there is no need for poverty, hunger and discord between disparate cultures. The wasteful mis-allocation of  resources to humanitarian aid and military pursuits is unethical. Emergency aid is an absolute given, but ongoing “aid” is a never ending spiral serving  to sustain poverty which  generates discord over scarce resources.  Throwing money at the poorest  nations out of guilt or embarrassment is not empowering to the recipients. The emergence of social entrepreneurship is an exciting development in the empowerment of  individuals, particularly women, in less privileged societies and should significantly reduce those communities’ reliance on aid.

Organisations, individuals and governments in advantaged countries need to  more responsibly share  the financial and natural wealth in a manner which positively contributes to  the enrichment of lives in less advantaged  geographies.   Rupert Murdoch suggests that “it is a moral failing of the rich world that our agricultural markets are subsidised and protected ….  the greatest assistance we can give to talented Africans is to allow them access to western markets.” Access to technology, education and economic resources could  enhance wealth, education  and health throughout Africa curing many of the societal ills which plaque that  continent. Ditto for emerging nations in other geographies.

Truly we have an unprecedented opportunity for transformation and I look forward with excited anticipation to the future of our society.

For your convenience Rupert Murdoch’s address is available here and I suggest  that the headline totally misses the point of the real significance of the message.


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