Posted by: millumino | October 8, 2009

New Life at 54 …

Don’t you just love people who have the fortitude to stand out on a limb, to stand by their convictions in the face of criticism, ignorance  and ridicule, and then go on to change the world’s view on a given subject?  The power of just one person to cause a paradigm shift is truly inspirational.

Don’t you also find it strange that recruiters and leaders in young, entrepreneurial companies have an attitude that  anyone under, say 40, thinks that anyone over 40 has nothing of value to contribute?

This quote landed in my in-box today and was written by Monty Roberts on 7 Oct, 2009 ( at the age of 74):

“….and at 54 years of age I started a new life. There is no question that I have accomplished more in the 20 years since 1989 than I ever accomplished in the first 54.”

Monty is a horse trainer from California whose influence has not only transformed  horse training methods worldwide but influenced how corporations train their leaders. His understanding of communication with animals has enabled humans to  develope more effective methods of communication  between ourselves.

Monty Roberts is a best-selling author of numerous books and DVDs including Horse Sense for People.

I am a young 55, with an  equal enthusiasm  for new technologies and achievement as any Gen Y ‘er. Like Monty I have the fortitude to fulfil my aspirations. I also intend to contribute more in the next 20 years than I have in my lifetime to date. What about you?  Don’t settle for anything less than the very best you can be.


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