Posted by: millumino | October 8, 2009

Dare to Win!

Recent events in my life have created an excitement, enthusiasm and passion for  understanding the deeper meanings in our lives and the potential for humans to achieve.  How do our interactions with society, our employers/employees, peers and friends affect our determination of personal success, and indeed our measurement of success?

I recently contemplated  the achievements of my LinkedIn connections and wondered why they had achieved significantly beyond their former school friends and colleagues.  What is it beyond talent, IQ and personality that lifts them to positions of power and wealth and even perhaps beyond their own dreams.

I think it is their ability to dare to be someone, their ability to dream big and think even bigger. It is their ability to determine and visualise their goals, to innovate and strategize, to forge ahead with drive and passion, and have the confidence to persevere despite any fears, doubts and opinions of naysayers. They take calculated risks and back themselves against the odds.

In the 1980’s when I was employed by Digital (DEC) in Sydney, Australia, our regional manager, Les Hayman, organised the annual  sales conference with the theme “Dare to Win”.  This came to be something of a joke around the office, whenever anything went wrong someone would laughingly suggest  that we “dare to win”.  The funsters haven’t been heard of  since but Les Hayman went on to run Sun and then the software giant SAP in Australia and subsequently Asia Pacific.  He later transferred to Europe and was appointed CEO/Chairman of SAP EMEA, Global Head HR and appointed to the SAP  board.  In his semi-retirement Les is a SAP Ambassador, Chairman of the ROC Group of Companies UK, Board Member Umantis Ag (Swittz) and Neoware Corp (USA). He lives in a Chateau in the Bordeaux wine region of  France.  Les dared to win!!

As a manager Les was a natural and charismatic leader who inspired a will to win, to make that extra call, to make that extra effort. Les  inspired me to believe in my ability to succeed and he clearly took this innate ability to other corporations, inspiring his teams to success, and ensuring the achievement of his own and his corporation’s targets.

When employees are inspired to achieve personal success in the work place it naturally impacts positively on the corporation’s ability to achieve its goals. The wealth and happiness of the individual which results as a response to achievement in their career goals, positively impacts their feelings of self-worth and their ability to interact positively in their personal  relationships and within society.

About two months ago I started a journal with lists of my goals in every facet of my life.  The lists started off conservatively ambitious, and grew significantly more ambitious with the dawning realisation that I could be whatever I dared myself to be.

What do you want to do with your life?  Dream big, think bigger, dare the biggest!



  1. The anecdote about Les Hayman is spot on. There is too much cynicism in the world, and not enough positive optimism.

    Let’s take heart, and live by, the words of Nelson Mandela: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

    Way to go, Maureen!

    • Thanks for the comment Rob, one of my favourite quotes, from another luminary who persistently dared to win despite incredible odds!

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